Bachelors in Botany

Duration: 04 Years (08 Semesters)

Eligibility: At least 45% marks in intermediate with biology
as an elective subject

BS-4 Years Botany program comprises of 8 semesters with 132 credit hours. Outline of the courses is as under.

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credits
Diversity of Plants 04 (3+1)
ZOL-101 Principles of Animal life 04 (3+1)
CHEM-181 Physical Chemistry 04 (3+1)
ENG:101 English-I (Functional English) 3
PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2
  Total 17

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-102 Plant systematic, Anatomy and Development/
ZOL-102 Diversity in Animals Invertebrates 4(3+1)
CHEM-161 Inorganic Chemistry 4(3+1)
ENG:102 English-II(Communication Skills) 3
ISL-102 Islamic studies 2
  Total 17

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-203 Cell Biology, Genetics &Evolution 4(3+1)
ZOL-203 Diversity of Animal Chordates 4(3+1)
CHEM-271 Organic Chemistry 4(3+1)
ENG:203 English-III (Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills) 03
COMP-203 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies 03
  Total 18

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-204 Plant Physiology & Ecology 4(3+1)
ZOL-204 Principles of Animal Physiology 4(3+1)
CHEM-292 Basic Biochemistry 4(3+1)
BOT-205 Biodiversity and Conservation 3(2+1)
MATH-204 Mathematics/ any other elective out of major courses 03
  Total 18

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credits
STAT-412 Biostatistics 03(2+1)
BOT-306 Bacteriology and Virology 03(2+1)
BOT-307 Phycology & Bryology 03(2+1)
BOT-308 Mycology & Plant Pathology 03(2+1)
BOT-309 Diversity of Vascular Plants 03(2+1)
BOT-310 Plant systematics 03(2+1)
  Total 18

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-311 Plant Anatomy 03(2+1)
BOT-312 Genetics-I 03(2+1)
BOT-313 Plant Biochemistry-I 03(2+1)
BOT-314 Plant Ecology-I 03(2+1)
BOT-315 Plant Physiology-I 03(2+1)
BOT-316 Cell Biology 03(2+1)
  Total 18

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-417 Molecular Biology 03(2+1)
BOT-418 Plant Biochemistry-II 03(2+1)
BOT-419 Plant Ecology-II 03(2+1)
BOT- code from optional list ELECTIVE-I /Optional paper/Thesis/Internship/ Research Project 03(2+1)
BOT-420 Research Methodology 2
  Total 14

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credits
BOT-421 Genetics II 3(2+1)
BOT-422 Plant Physiology-II 3(2+1)
BOT-423 Environmental Biology 3(2+1)
BOT- code from optional list ELECTIVE-II/Optional paper/Thesis/Internship/ Research Project 03(2+1)
  Total 12

Fee Structure for B.S Chemistry

Tuition Fee Per Smester 30,000
Fee Due Date
Admission fee (once in a course) 10,000 payable at the time of admission
Registration fee 6,500 payable at the time of admission
Examination fee (once in a course) 5,000 payable at the time of admission
Total 21,500  

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